Colour me healthy: Fashion Advice for the Health Conscious.

colours1The colours we wear have a frequency that can be active in lifting up our mood and even enhancing our healing. How could what colours you wear possibly influence how you feel or how you are perceived? It turns out that the colours we choose have a profound effect on our mood and even our subtle energy levels. If we use the power of colour, we can enhance our well-being at a physical and emotional level. So, here is a list of how to use colour to enhance our well-being.


  1. For Physical Healing: Green

Recovery of the body’s physical state can be great improved by wearing green. Green is the colour of health and activates energy from the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the center of love, the greatest strength. When we align ourselves with this healing energy, the body is at its optimum to recover from ailments. It is the colour of nature, to emulate the body’s natural state.


  1. For Confidence: Red

Power dressing is in fashion at the moment, in particular wearing empowering clothes to work. Wearing bold red is a great way to feel courageous and strong. With this colour, you can engage the support of the earth, feel grounded in yourself and full of fire. So choose red to activate the root chakra. The colour red resembles the fire inside the earth, which drives us to achieve our goals.


  1. For professionalism and loyalty: Blue

Blue is a powerful masculine colour, channelling the male side of ourselves, which is honourable, logical and analytic. To bring out the best in your masculine side, choose to wear blue. Blue was the first coloured dye applied to clothes and blue denim was used for the first work uniforms. The colour blue has been long associated with work for this reason.


  1. For Joy: Yellow

The centre of joy for a lot of people is their stomach. A joyful belly laugh comes from your stomach, where your solar plexus is located. You can activate and engage the joy from your solar plexus chakra with yellow. The colour of the sun lifts your mood instantly. It fills you with joie de vivre and uplifts your frequency. Yellow is particularly effective in the Spring and Summer months, where the sunlight can be amplified by bright canary, lemon and buttery shades of yellow.


  1. For Relaxation: Purple and Light Blue and White

Emulate the things that are relaxing and mirror their colours to channel their energy. Light tones, like light blue would emulate calmness and gentleness like the colour of the sky on a soft morning.  White, the colour of drifting clouds, is also cooling and calming. White is one of the strongest colours spiritually, as members of many faiths dress in white on their holy days to feel the essence and purity of the soul. It allows your energy to shine through without hindrance. White is the chromatic symbol of honesty and purity.


  1. For Highlighting your Good Features: Black

Black is the absence of colour and as such takes the attention to you rather than the clothes you wear. Black is a classic colour to let your face take centre stage, rather than your body. This is also a symbolic colour of uniqueness and self-reliance.


  1. For Femininity: Pink

As the old adage goes, “pink is for a girl”. To boost your feminine side, and all the attributes which the female side complement, such as creativity, intuition and sensitivity, wear something pink. There is strength in this soft colour and it’s not just for baby girls! Pink is a wonderful colour to celebrate all things feminine.


  1. For Feeling at One with Nature:

Here are some quick Tips on how to mirror the seasons.


  • In Spring, we see the wonderful bright colours of the fresh growth of the New Year. Choose bright shades to truly feel the vibe of this glowing season.


  • In Summer, emulate the striking flowers in season, with strong bold colours. Floral patterns, tribal and tropical designs are another great way to enhance the feeling of Summer.


  • Autumn gives us the most abundant colour pallet of all. Copy the golden leaves and forest floor with all the beautiful natural shades of auburn, gold, hazel and plum.


  • The beauty of Winter can be copied by wearing the shades of this snowy season. Choose clothes with remnants of sparkling glitter, deep berry reds, dark holly greens, and of course snowy whites.



To maximise any colour’s power, wear it in monochrome. This will accentuate the energy and keep you focused on what frequency you are trying to create for yourself. So whether you want to feel more connected with nature or you want to improve your mood, the clothes you wear can be used to help make you feel better.