How Meditation Makes Us Healthy

Meditation is savouring the sweet mundane. It brings in attention to life as it is, here and now. In meditation, you can begin to declutter your mind. There are many portals to meditation, e.g. breathing, awareness of the body and sense perceptions. The goal of meditation is to come back to yourself. When you forget to give your true self attention, you can always

Sandra - meditation
Back to health, harmony and happiness

come back home, back to oneness with God and back to full health. I created this little article for you to see how meditating can help you on your path to full mental, physical and spiritual health.


Our Mental Health:

  1. Meditation Helps You to Let Go:

When sitting in meditation, practice letting go of your worries and cares of the day. Come into the space where you can just be you for 5 to 10 minutes. There is no onus on you to say, do or be anything during this time. This is a safe place and a welcoming place. As you sit in silence, become aware of a space inside you that is what you truly are. As you bring loving attention to your real self, the baggage that you carry begins to fall away. Maybe you have carried this for a long time without knowing it. As we bring all sides of ourselves into the light of awareness, the light of our true self strengthens.


  1. Mediation Protects us from External Negativity

Toxic relationships, and abusive comments from strangers are some sources of outside negativity.  If you are sensitive, hurtful words can linger in your mind. I noticed that hearing a man swearing on a bus can put me in an uneasy mood for the rest of the day. Unresolved issues amongst families can also “live” in your psyche and release negative energy to you. The solution is to mediate when you feel upset by another’s comments. The space brought in by meditation allows us to separate these comments from ourselves. In this way, we build a protective shield against outside negativity.


  1. Meditation Helps You to Grow a New Belief

If you want to make some new positive beliefs, you need to clear your mind firstly. Meditation helps you to take away the noise in the mind which gives you an empty space to bring in a new idea. Think of it as clearing all the words off a whiteboard and then writing a new mantra to begin your new day. This is very good practice if you are using affirmations. A short meditation before your affirmation will greatly help with your manifestation.


Our Physical Health


  1. Meditation Helps us to Prevent Disease

Signals that something is amiss in your body always start quietly. When we learn to listen to our body’s feelings we can notice the little signs it sends us when something is not quite right. Perhaps we are out of balance in some area in our life, which our body is reflecting back to us. For example, I recently lost my voice, which I thought was due to excessive use from talking or from singing. But at a deeper level, with meditation, I could tell that there was a bigger meaning behind losing my voice. I have to learn to speak up for myself and to speak my truth in order to have a happy, healthy body.


  1. Meditation Prepares us for Conscious Exercise

Our bodies love to move and be energised by exercise. I recommend a short meditation before carrying out your normal exercise routine, just to check in with how your body is feeling. This is also good before a yoga class, so that you can notice what parts of our body are aching or needing more attention. You can then be more aware of your body’s needs to avoid injury during your regular sports activities.


  1. Meditation Allows you to Just Breathe!

Bringing your attention to your breath is one of the quickest and most effective forms of meditation. Listen to the breath and feel the ride of the waves on the exhalation and inhalation. Notice how all this breathing happens with very little effort when your mind and body are relaxed. The breath is a wonderful portal to meditation as you align your body to your spirit.


Our Spiritual Health

  1. Intuition is Perfected by Meditation

As you become more comfortable with meditation, you will notice that you “know” certain things to be true beyond what the mind can justify. I believe the center for intuition is in the heart or the stomach. If there is a niggling question to which you want to know the answer, I recommend asking the heart, as it is our great connection to the truth. As Paul Coehlo said “Listen to your heart, it knows everything.”


  1. Meditation Builds a Connection to God

The most important connection, in my opinion, is your relationship with God, the source of life or the universe. Through meditation, you can clear an opening for more light to enter your life. You can open a door for more positivity to enter. This positive influx may be in many forms, e.g. abundance, joy, freedom and health. As the wonderful book “Eat, Pray, Love” says: “If you open that door … God will rush in…. and fill you with more love than you ever dreamed.”


  1. We Become More Connected to Each Other

As we have space for God in our lives, our world will open. New opportunities, new friends and new avenues of life will open up. Our relationships with other people become more meaningful and rewarding. We can share love and give out good vibrations to all people and the Earth. We can become a harmonised race with peace and joy as our goal.



Once we have let go of our personal baggage, shielded ourselves against bad karma and made a strong connection between ourselves and life, we can open to each other. Share the love and the good vibes with people who seem open to receiving good karma. Meditation is a life-long practice and worthwhile beginning now. We owe ourselves and each other the very best in life. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s meditate!



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