How to Welcome in the New Year



At this time of year, it is nice to reflect on 2016. What did it bring for us? What do we look forward to next year? Is there anything on our To-Do list that we really need to take action on? As one year dies, another one is born. So, here are some tips on how to let go of the old year and welcome in 2017!


  1. Say Goodbye to old friendships

Let go of friendships that no longer feel right. Sometimes friendships have a short life span. For one stage in our lives, certain friends reflect our state, our self-beliefs at a particular time. Then, as we change and grow in life, some friendships strengthen, and some fall away.

  1. Bring in New Friends

As we let go of some friends, we make room for new ones! When we widen our social spheres, we allow in new ideas, new possibilities and even new expectations of ourselves. The people who we surround ourselves with have a great effect on how we perceive ourselves and how much we believe in ourselves.

  1. Take up a New Hobby

Learning keeps us young. Our physical health and our mental health improve when we learn a new skill. Learning a new craft or skill activates process in our brain that keep us refreshed, engaged in life and happy overall. As the adage says: “If you don’t use it, you lose it!”

  1. Take a fresh look at our Health

Our health is our greatest asset and if we neglect it, we pay for it! To keep ourselves healthy, we can take on a new commitment to our physical health. We can educate ourselves about nutrition and take part in sports classes and a new fitness regime.

  1. Take care of our Mental Health

This is the most important aspect of our health and it can be also the most difficult to approach. We can begin with one step to look after our mental health. It could be inquiring about support groups in our area, learning about how to look after our well-being or seeking help from someone.

I wish you a happy end to 2016, whatever it has brought to you! And here’s to year of greater health and happiness!



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