“Lighting of One” By Joan Healy


From ‘A Christmas Challenge’

Sweetest Love, I do not go
Underneath the mistletoe.
This Christmas find me underneath
An avalanche of snow.

I give myself the gift of time
To finally fall apart,
To write you out of my will
And will you out of my heart.

But instead, I get one single flake,
As lonely as a prayer.
The first to fall is the one to call
The rest from sleep to share

In the falling and rising of snow
Til the sky is covered in white.
Litany of lighthouses guide us home
In the bleak mid-winter night.

Beacons like olive branches,
Are passed from star to star to come.
For all the light we are blessed with now
Began with the lighting of one.

One crystal becomes a cloud
One angel becomes a choir
This song becomes this silence
As one light becomes a fire!

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