From Flowing to Floating

via Daily Prompt: Float


Here is a little poem inspired by “Floating”


Flow when your friend is sick

And can’t make it to the gig

Twist the twist of fate and see

You have a choice suddenly

To do exactly as you choose.


Flow around the bumps and lumps

That life serves up

Dish yourself out something new.

Ask what’s next on the menu?


Float: when you

Cannot flow anymore,

Paralysed by too many options

like the donkey (long overdue)

between two bails of hay

could not choose and what did he do?


Float when you

cannot flow anymore

when the water won’t play by your rules.


Lie on your back

face up, look at the sky.


Put the flow back in floating.

Let life row you downstream to

Its source back where you

Came from… home.


Flow on to new adventures

when you have wind in your sails.

But when you are all blown out,

Remember to float

back home.


What will you do flow or float?




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