Sacred: What is Sacredness?

When I was in school, I was told that sacred meant “holy” or “set apart”. I never understood what it meant until I discovered meditation. “Sacred” sounds like such a heavy word, as most words connected with religion usually do. So what does it really mean? Let’s take a look into the meaning of sacredness.


In the Eye of the Storm

The best way I could define this word is living right in the middle of a storm. Sometimes life can be like a tornado. When people and activities get caught up and swept away in a storm of panic or stress, it is just like an emotional tornado. If we were to succumb to this stressful and anxious energy, we would be in effect, caught up in this slipstream. So what can we do when all around us is negative? We need to go “inside” to find inner peace. We need to be the eye, the watcher of the storm.


Drop the Anchor

It is important not to get caught up with this wave of stressful energy. To find a place of peace in the midst of stress, we can do a short meditation. It is a great practice to return your focus to your body, your breath or your inner peace, especially in moments of stress. One moment of mindfulness can be enough to let the storm pass by. Like training a muscle, we can learn to retreat back to the present moment, to ourselves.


Retreat to a Sanctuary

Sometimes it can be difficult to meditate in the middle of a chaotic occurrence or life situation. For that reason, it can be a good idea to go to a place of peace, like a sanctuary. This can be a quiet room, a church, a park or a graveyard. There are lots of places that can give refuge when you are feel overwhelmed by the pull of negative energy. Being in nature is also a calming experience. A holiday, a short trip or a change of scenery can also be exactly what your mind needs to calm down.


Find Your Own Sacred Place

Sacredness is a personal thing. We all have different ways to find peace and these will also change as we develop as a person. We are on a journey to discover our own inner peace. Inner peace for ourselves is the most important. After we find peace on the inside, we naturally create harmony around us.