Intuition: Knowing the Truth beyond Proof

One of the most rewarding and difficult to obey impulses is Intuition. We have within us a place that knows one thing to be true and another to be false. How do we know the truth when we see it? How do we identify something to be true when we have no way to explain it?
  • What is it?

I believe Intuition is like a primal instinct.  Like turtles know the tide and birds know the climate, humans also know their environment. Intuition is a skill that can be trained.  We must practice listening and learn what is the truth and what is not real.
  • How can we use it?

It is wonderful when Intuition turns out to be right. We can avoid negative experiences and can make wonderful encounters such as new ideas, new groups or new healthy habits. It guides us to great things when we put our faith in it.
  • Tip for Intuition:

Practice listening to the Voice Within with little things during your day. Like which way to turn on a street or which type of food to eat. Watch little rewards develop. Step by step we can grow in our faith and use intuition for bigger things, like life choices.
A skill to be mastered not overlooked…