Pandemic lessons


What have we learned during the pandemic? And what will we learn? These are the questions I ask in this article. Surely, there is something worth learning now…

would normally format my articles to fit three points which could help someone to solve their personal problem or give some motivational advice. But, right now I don’t have it. 

This time during the pandemic and the global lockdown has left me, among other things, puzzled. Really, I am asking myself, what do I need to learn here? And, what do other people need to learn here too? 

I find I have not yet answered these questions. I do see this time as a time of increased awareness. I admire people who take up baking, begin a new business or make another big life change. For me, it has been a time of watching other people.

I have also been in awe of what bloggers can do. Sometimes I feel like we are speaking in a vacuum, but politically bloggers can achieve so much. And socially, the work of a blog can mean so much to one person. We really don’t know how much good we can do until we start doing it.